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For each production of the Red Fern Theatre Company, a portion of our proceeds will go to a philanthropy that addresses the themes of the play. This allows us to give back to the community and to educate our audiences on ways to receive help or donate time and/or money.

Newest Partnership:

End to Cyber Bullying (ETCB)
Chosen for “Rare Birds" by Adam Szymkowicz

The End to Cyber Bullying (ETCB) Organization is a state certified, non-profit organization founded by Samuel Lam and David Zhao on May 1st, 2011, in the hopes of creating a social networking world devoid of cyberbullying. By raising awareness and informing members of both our community and of our globe, ETCB hopes to help teens, parents, educators, and others to identify, prevent, and ultimately stop cyberbullying. We hope to BE THE CHANGE and spread the positivity of change, instead of negativity caused by cyberbullying, online.

Headquartered in New York City, ETCB is a safe haven where bystanders, past victims, and ordinary people, interested in helping, mobilize to help victims of cyberbullying, as well as to spread the knowledge and inspiration we provide - whether across the street, across the country, or across the world. For more information visit,

Additional Partnerships:


Association for Women in Science
Chosen for “The Radiant” by Shirley Lauro

In 1971, at the annual Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology meeting, flyers were posted inviting women scientists to a champagne mixer and meeting to encourage the exchange of ideas and solutions to overcoming job discrimination, lower pay, and professional isolation. Those 27 women who took the initiative to make science a better place for women founded the Association for Women in Science (AWIS), today's premiere leadership organization advocating the interests of women in science and technology. For nearly 40 years, the Association for Women in Science has fought for equity and career advancement for women – from the bench to the board room.

The mission of the New York Metropolitan chapter of AWIS is to empower women to enter, remain, and advance in science careers both inside and outside academia. We provide professional development training and a supportive community with opportunities for networking and mentoring.

For more information visit,

red fern theatre Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture
Chosen for “Two Rooms” by Lee Blessing

The Bellevue/NYU Program provides comprehensive medical and mental health care, as well as social and legal services to survivors of torture and war trauma and their family members.  In the past year alone, we provided these multidisciplinary services to over 500 individuals from 70 countries.  Since its inception in 1995, the Program has developed an international reputation for excellence in our clinical, educational and research activities.  Our mission is to assist men, women and children subjected to torture and trauma to build healthy, self-sufficient lives and to contribute knowledge and testimony to global efforts to end torture.

Brooklyn Law School's Second Look Program
Chosen for “The Exonerated” by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen

The mission of the “Second Look Program” is daunting: to free innocent prisoners whose appellate remedies have run their course. The clinic’s mandate is to review the cases of New York State prisoners who assert their innocence and whose cases do not contain issues amenable to resolution through DNA testing. The clinic fills a desperate need, since there are no other programs in New York City that focus exclusively on non-DNA innocence cases. It has already received over 4000 requests for help. These cases, which generally involve erroneous eyewitness identification, false confessions, ineffective counsel, and police and prosecutorial misconduct, are believed to be the hardest to “crack,” because generally they do not turn on scientific proof but on newly discovered evidence secured through extensive legwork.  To read more on one of their most successful cases, visit:



The Educational Alliance Teen Center
Chosen for MARCH by Sharyn Rothstein

For this production, the RFTC has chosen to partner with the 14th Street Y Teen Theater Summer Institute Scholarship Fund for the Edgies Teen Center.

Since their inception in 2005, THE EDUCATIONAL ALLIANCE TEEN CENTER (known affectionately as "Edgies Teen Center" or "Edgies" for short) has quickly become a hugely successful center for teens on the Lower East Side. They offer a variety of activities in a healthy, safe, and fun environment, all free of charge to members. Activities include cooking and nutrition classes, sports, College Prep, and discussion groups. This summer the 14th Street Y will be offering their first TEEN THEATER SUMMER INSTITUTE and one Edgie will be receiving a scholarship for attendance. The Educational Alliance's dedicated staff motivates members to develop new skills and interests, improve their grades and academic achievement, and "reach higher" in planning their futures. As Christina, a member of the teen center, says, "If it weren't for Edgies, I wouldn't have anywhere to go. Instead of hanging out on the street, I'm learning new skills, getting tutoring with schoolwork and I'm working hard to be the first person in my family to go to college!"

For more information on the Edgies, click here. To learn more about the Teen Theater Summer Institute click here.


The Family Center for Bipolar Disorder
Chosen for "Good Egg"by Dorothy Fortenberry

The Family Center for Bipolar Disorder is dedicated to the compassionate support, treatment and understanding of bipolar illness within the context of the family. We treat patients and their families with our Family-Inclusive Treatment (FIT) program.

Bipolar Disorder is a chronic, lifelong illness, just like diabetes and cardio-vascular disease. We recognize that preserving family health and stability is an essential part of successful treatment.

Habitat for Humanity - New York City
Chosen for HOME

Habitat for Humanity - New York City transforms lives and our city by building quality homes for families in need and by uniting all New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing. With the help of thousands of volunteers every year, Habitat-NYC has built more than 260 affordable homes in the five boroughs of New York City.

For more information, please visit

red fern theatre The Hetrick-Martin Institute
Chosen for “The Long Christmas Ride Home” by Paula Vogel

The Hetrick-Martin Institute, founded in 1979, is the oldest and largest non-for-profit, multi-service agency dedicated to serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth, providing a broad range of vital programming, including educational services for at-risk youth in The Harvey Milk High School; individual, group, and family counseling; concrete services and case management for homeless and at-risk teenagers through supportive services; social and cultural activities; health and wellness activities; and career exploration and youth leadership offered through after-school services. The Institute serves youth from the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Chosen for “Irreversible" by Jack Karp

Iridescent's mission is to create and deliver powerful science, engineering and technology education to help underprivileged young people develop curiosity, creativity, and persistence. Our Curiosity Machine online platform connects children, their families and educators with STEM professionals to support a child with engaging curriculum and personalized support, over the years.

For more information, visit


Friends of Materials for the Arts (FOMA)
Chosen for +30NYC

Since 1978, Materials for the Arts has provided thousands of New York City's arts and cultural organizations, public schools and community arts programs with the supplies they need to run and expand their programs. Materials are gathered from companies and individuals that no longer need them and redistributed to the artists and educators that do. In the process, hundreds of tons are removed from the waste stream every year and kept out of landfills, helping to sustain our environment and promote reuse and waste reduction. MFTA helps artists realize their visions, provides students with a richer educational experience and furnishes businesses and individuals with a simple and efficient way to enhance the cultural life of their city.

Friends of Materials for the Arts was established to help support Materials for the Arts (MFTA) and its work in servicing artists, educators, and community members throughout New York City. FOMA does so by implementing and sponsoring several Initiatives including vibrant Education, Volunteer, Transportation, Evening Shopping and Technology programs. You can learn more about each of them by visiting our Initiatives page.

FOMA is comprised of a talented and energetic Board of Directors who work to sustain and enhance programs, initiatives and the MFTA shopping experience. Financial support for FOMA's on-going initiatives is provided by many dedicated individuals, corporations and foundations. If you are interested in supporting FOMA please read more about becoming a friend of Materials for the Arts.


Military Rape Crisis Center
Chosen for "A Shot Away "by Donna Fiumano-Farley

Founded in 2006 by Active Duty Coast Guardsman, Panayiota Bertzikis, the Military Rape Crisis Center is the only rape crisis center established to meet the unique needs of military sexual trauma survivors.  Bertziks started the Center to help fellow survivors from her barrack room at Coast Guard Boston after she was assaulted.  They are now the nation's leading advocate for survivors of Military Sexual Trauma.  They offer free and confidential support groups and conduct evidence-based research on Military Sexual Trauma.  For more information, please visit

red fern theatre Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility
Chosen for “Found a Peanut” by Donald Margulies

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility (founded in 1982 as Educators for Social Responsibility Metropolitan Area) educates young people for hopeful and intelligent engagement with their world: We promote creative nonviolent ways of dealing with conflict and help students develop life skills in relating well to others, standing up to bias, and thinking critically about the big issues of the day. Through our programs, we encourage people to take leadership in creating and sustaining a just, peaceful, and truly democratic society.

New York Common Cause
Chosen for “An Ideal Husband” by Oscar Wilde

Common Cause is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization that was founded in New York by John Gardner in 1970. It works nationally and locally, with state chapters, to reform the election process; limit the role of money in politics; ensure that the government remains accountable to the voters; and preserve the diversity of media ownership.

Since its inception, the New York chapter has always been and continues to be one of the most active and effective state organizations in the country.  This has been especially true with respect to its efforts to limit the influence of money in politics. We played a leading role in the passage of the comprehensive and progressive public campaign finance system in New York City beginning in the late 1980s and continued with far-reaching amendments strengthening the system in 2007.

As a result of these efforts New York City has the most progressive municipal campaign finance system in the nation and we are now working the bring this needed reform to the State level through our newly initiated "Pledge for Change" campaign. Each candidate for State Legislature has been asked to sign a Pledge stating that he or she will work to:

1. Establish an independent legislative ethics commission
2. Ensure that elections are fair through campaign finance reforms and a system of public funding for election campaigns      
3. Establish an independent redistricting commission
4. Revise the legislative committee rules to make the legislative process transparent

Please visit for more information.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation
Chosen for “Miss Evers' Boys” by David Feldshuh

The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation is the sole supporter of the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University, which provides music therapy services for children and adults on the autistic spectrum and a wide variety of other disabilities. The Center treats its clients in one-on-one sessions or in groups, depending on the individual needs of the client.

Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
Chosen for “Raised in Captivity” by Nicky Silver

The mission of Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow is to help disadvantaged youth and adults recognize their own self-worth, and advance towards self-sufficiency and financial security through job training, academic reinforcement, improved life skills, job placement, and support services. OBT approaches all of its programmatic endeavors with the three principles in mind: Confidence, Discipline, Professionalism.

The majority of our participants are economically disadvantaged minorities with barriers to self-sufficiency including lack of a high school diploma, deficiency in basic skills, no marketable job skills, chronic unemployment, single parenthood, past drug abuse and/or criminal records, and limited English proficiency. Today OBT serves approximately 1,100 youth and adults annually. Since the organization’s inception in 1983, they have helped approximately 5,000 young people and over 3,000 adults improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Remember the Women Institute
Chosen for “Who Will Carry the Word?" by Charlotte Delbo

The Remember the Women Institute is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that conducts and encourages research and cultural activities that contribute to including women in history.

Special emphasis is on women in the context of the Holocaust and its aftermath, including post-World War II immigration. Other topics include women marginalized within Jewish religion and inter-religious dialogue, as well as the accomplishments and exclusion of women in Jewish and general history, the effects of genocide on women, exploitation of women, and the effects of culture on memorialization.

Through this research and related activities, the stories of women - from the point of view of women - will be available to be integrated into history and collective memory. The work of the Institute is intended to influence academic research and publications, as well as popular culture, by encouraging the inclusion of all of humanity in historical and commemorative representations. Such academic fields as History, Holocaust Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Women's Studies, Gender Studies, and Cultural Studies can benefit from the Institute’s contributions. The Institute’s work can also enrich future films, theater, museum exhibits, and other cultural products.


Chosen for "We in Silence Hear a Whisper"by Jon Kern

Unity Statment for SaveDarfur:

We stand together and unite our voices to raise public awareness and mobilize a massive response to the atrocities in Sudan's western region of Darfur.

Responding to a rebellion in 2003, the regime of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and its allied militia, known as the Janjaweed, launched a campaign of destruction against the civilian population of ethnic groups identified with the rebels. They wiped out entire villages, destroyed food and water supplies, stole livestock and systematically murdered, tortured and raped civilians. The Sudanese government's genocidal, scorched earth campaign has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives through direct violence, disease and starvation, and continues to destabilize the region. Millions have fled their homes and live in dangerous camps in Darfur, and hundreds of thousands are refugees in neighboring Chad. Violence continues today. Ultimately, the fate of the Darfuri people depends on establishing a lasting and just peace in all of Sudan and in the region.

We are committed to the goals that the Save Darfur Coalition advocates for, including:

  • Ending the violence against civilians;
  • Facilitating adequate and unhindered humanitarian aid;
  • Establishing conditions for the safe and voluntary return of displaced people to their homes;
  • Promoting the long-term sustainable development of Darfur; and
  • Holding the perpetrators accountable.

We call on the United States, other governments, the United Nations and regional organizations to focus their efforts on ending this crisis.

The situation in Darfur is very complex and constantly changing; more detailed information is available in the Learn section of our site.

Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC)
Chosen for “All Through the Night” by Shirley Lauro

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) is an international Jewish human rights organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding through community involvement, educational outreach and social action.  SWC confronts important contemporary issues including racism, antisemitism, terrorism and genocide.  With a membership of over 400,000 families and 250,000 e-members, SWC is headquartered in Los Angeles and maintains offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Jerusalem, Paris and Buenos Aires.  SWC is accredited as a non-governmental organization at the United Nations, UNESCO, the OSCE, Council of Europe and Latin American Parliament.  In 2005 the SWC opened a state-of-the-art multi-media training center in New York, adjunct to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, the New York Tolerance Center (NYTC). NYTC provides diversity seminars for educators, criminal justice officials, state/local government practitioners, and middle and high school students from the public, private and parochial school systems.  In addition, NYTC provides special film, lecture and facilitated tours for the general community.  For a more complete overview please visit

© 1993, VWMF, Glenna Goodacre, Sculptor

Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation
Chosen for "A Piece of My Heart" by Shirley Lauro

The mission of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation is to promote the healing of Vietnam women veterans through the placement of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.; to identify the military and civilian women who served during the Vietnam war; to educate the public about their role; and to facilitate research on the physiological, psychological, and sociological issues correlated to their service. The Foundation has the support of every major veterans group in the country including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and more than 40 other diverse organizations.
On November 11th 1993, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated to honor the military and civilian women who served their country during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War. The multi-figure bronze sculpture created by sculptor Glenna Goodacre portrays three Vietnam-era women, one of whom is caring for a wounded male soldier. Military women in all branches of the Armed Forces served in numerous support roles, and as nurses who provided care and comfort to their fellow soldiers at a time when the world turned away. Civilian women in the Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies provided recreational and social support services. All contributed to the exemplary legacy of women serving during military action. Thousands were placed in harm’s way, and they too suffered the results of the war.

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation continues its mission to foster recognition of the contribution of women to their nation during the Vietnam war. Its activities include initiatives to educate the public to the role of women in Vietnam and support for research that focuses on the problems faced by women as a result of their service. Today, the Foundation expands its mission by linking its programs to the current generation of women who have served helping them and their families cope with the impact of their service.

red fern theatre Village Care of New York's AIDS Network
Chosen for “Patient A” by Lee Blessing

For 'Patient A', we chose Village Care of New York’s AIDS Network which includes Rivington House, a long term care facility for people with AIDS.  Rivington House was Melanie’s first employer in New York as a temp.  Her two months there gave her a supportive home, and we admire all of the hard work and love they put into this organization.  Because of this, a portion of our proceeds went go to Village Care.
Village Care of New York's AIDS Network offers a comprehensive array services that address the needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS, ranging from at-home care to day treatment to residential skilled nursing care and more.

For additional information, call (212) 337-5771.

red fern theatre Water for South Sudan
Chosen for “Since Africa” by Mia McCullough

Water for South Sudan, Inc. (WFSS) was founded in Rochester, NY in 2003 by Salva Dut, a former “Lost Boy” of Sudan. WFSS delivers direct, transformative and sustainable quality-of-life service to the people of South Sudan by efficiently providing access to clean, safe water in areas of great need. Having fresh clean water every day eliminates many causes of disease, and brings greater health to all, especially children. Not having to walk miles each day to gather often-contaminated water offers life-changing opportunities to women and girls.
WFSS follows this basic principle: the ethical and moral way to create lasting change is to respect and empower people’s capacity to transform their lives. We are committed to creating hope and building initiative alongside the people we serve.  Since 2005 WFSS has drilled 200 wells which are serving over 500,000 people in the world’s newest nation.  

For more information please visit 
Salva’s story has also been recounted in A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park.

red fern theatrered fern theatre red fern theatre