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Current Casting Needs

The Red Fern Theatre Company seeks actors for its 2016-2017 Season. EPAs will be held at the AEA Building (165 W. 46th Street, Studio B) on Tuesday, November 15 and Wednesday, November 16. Also accepting submissions to Please note no files over 250K.

1st rehearsal: 2/25/17
1st performance: 3/22/17
Opening: 3/25/17
Closing: 4/8/17

RARE BIRDS is a new play by Adam Szymkowicz that tells the story of Evan Wills, a 16-year-old boy and avid bird watcher in a small town in Vermont. Evan likes to wear his favorite bird t-shirts to school. An Evan’s mother (who has a new boyfriend) just wants Evan to be normal, and happy. While Evan spends much time summoning the courage to talk to the Jenny Monroe whose locker is next to his, troubled class bully Dylan has something else in mind. After an unexpected turn of events, Evan learns the worst thing you can do in high school is to admit you love something. RARE BIRDS is play about adolescent violence and your mother's new boyfriend.

We are committed to casting a diverse company; please submit actors/singers of all ethnicities, abilities, ages, and backgrounds.

EVAN WILLS (18+ to play 16) Small for his age, eccentric and kind. He is an avid bird watcher and porcelain bird collector. He is trying to find his own way through life and high school. [ROLE ALREADY CAST]

DYLAN CORMER (18+ to play 16) is large for his age and a bully. He is troubled and conflicted about who he is, causing him to have destructive tendencies. He appears mischievous and cruel but is hurting.

MIKE MAKOWSKI (18+ to play 16) is large for his age, Dylan’s best friend and sidekick. Lives in a moral gray area that is more about his age and environment than anything else. Great comedic timing.

JENNY MONROE (18+ to play 17) is popular but not unkind. She often seems angry and annoyed at Evan, but secretly has discovered some upsetting news. She wants to maintain her social status but also do the right thing.

JANET WILLS (Mid to late 30s) is Evan’s mother. A single mother who works hard and wants the best for Evan even though sometimes she doesn’t know how to go about doing it for him. [ROLE ALREADY CAST]

RALPH EMOND (40ish) Janet’s boyfriend. He is kinder and gentler than Janet’s previous boyfriends. A bit of a romantic. He tries his best to reach out to Evan. [ROLE ALREADY CAST]