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Red Fern's Third Developmental Week of Plays

In Fall 2015, Red Fern hosted readings of new plays at the 14th Street Y.

Little Black Boxes
By Alex Goldberg
Directed by Seth Soloway
Thursday, September 17 @ 8pm

A bride-to-be at her bachelor party, a middle-aged man reminiscing in his man cave, a former corporate CFO and current shut-in with her cats, a former college football star who's career ended way too early, and a college-aged student living in his parents house... these five people have never met, but their lives are all about to converge in an instant at their local government building.

Light and Noise and Bees and Boys
By Duncan Pflaster
Directed by Megan Cooper
Friday, September 18 @ 7pm

An older woman has had a stroke and has gone to live with her son and his wife in Boca Raton. Thirty years of memories have been erased. She does not remember that she’s now a lesbian in a committed relationship with a woman. She does not know that woman is trying to find and rescue her.

The Squirrel Plays ~ A Tragicomedy in Three Movements

By Mia McCullough
Directed by Kirsten Kelly
Sunday, September 20 @ 3pm

Using squirrels as a metaphor for children (both pre- and post-natal) Infestation, Compensation, and Eradication explore the issues of unplanned pregnancy and using public funds for abortion, as well as poverty, racism, police brutality, and gun control.

Rare Birds
By Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Scott Ebersold
Monday, September 21 @ 8pm

The worst thing you can do in high school is admit you love something. A play about adolescent violence and your mother's new boyfriend.

The Serving Class
By Garett Groenveld
Directed by Jenna Worsham
Thursday, September 24 @ 7pm

Winner of the 2010 GAP Festival! It should have been a simple no, but an elite interior decorator gets roped into planning the high society wedding of the decade. Suddenly, he's knee deep in an unconventional love triangle, arrested, bribed, and planning an entirely different wedding! Three breathless acts without an intermission, this class comedy about love and commitment makes a light-handed comment in the Beaumarchais style about the lives of gay men, without whom many weddings would never happen. Fun, fast-paced romance with a wacky world view makes this the gayest comedy in years!

a solo play with music
by Hope Singsen
directed by Jessi D. Hill
Micah Burgess on guitar
music by Hope Singsen, Dillon Kondor and Bob Parins
Saturday, September 26 @ 3pm

Racing to complete her dissertation about Virginia Woolf, Marais confronts two unexpected threats: her hot new girlfriend and her own dark past. Marais will give body and soul to write herself into a happier future. But after you learn to guard against life, can you open again?

Please note: themes include sexual violence.

By Crystal Skillman
Directed by Jessi Hill
Featuring Megan Hill
Saturday, September 26 @ 7:30pm

In OPEN, a new monologue play by Crystal Skillman, a woman’s quirky desperation to be a true magician exposes a deeper, darker desire to reconnect with her lover in this magic act of the imagination. Originally a short piece at TheaterJam at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, this touching piece has been developed into an hour play through workshops with New Georges at the New Ohio, and The Lark.